5x Author including the #1 Bestselling Book: SOUL/Life Balance

Sam discovered his passion for writing at a young age and his first 3 books gave him the experience in writing that prepared him for his latest book, SOUL/Life Balance.

This book encompasses everything Sam’s learned and experienced while using himself as a guinea pig to explore the meaning of existence and how to live a more fulfilling life  through SOUL/Life Balance. A way of living that puts a focus first and foremost on connecting with deeper meaning, questioning and connecting with the universe at large followed by the human experience of this life.


In this book SwagSam will teach you the straight up strategies for putting a plan together that will focus on setting and achieving your goals. Whether you are new to goal-setting or you’re a goal-setting junkie, this book is packed with actionable worksheets and other resources, to give you the boost you need for success. You will be inspired to take action, and ultimately create your own goal(s) and a plan on how best to achieve them.

Psychedelic Compass

This workbook was written for the seeker curious to explore plant & earth medicines. In this interactive book, you’ll find journaling prompts and more to help discern if psychedelic therapy for healing may be route for you.


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An actionable, step-by-step guide to identifying the tasks that are wasting your time and guides you to hiring your first Virtual Assistant (VA) from SwagSam in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. If you value the power of your brand, want to reduce your stress, release your time to start growing your business and let someone else take up the slack then it’s time to take action and start understanding the power of a team. This guide shows you why you need a VA, what they do, how they can help you and most importantly how to hire the right one, hassle free.


Check out how Sam bridges the gap between mindfulness & spirituality with life and work.


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