Daily Mindfulness for the busy professional

Breath Club – Daily Mindfulness

Join a community of professionals who are actively pursuing improved mental well-being, with the Breath Club serving as the key to transformative change.

In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment, one’s mental well-being plays a vital role in the health and success of their organizations and employees.

85% of workers reported the workplace itself affects their mental health and wellbeing.

It’s time to unlock your peak performance and resilience with SOUL/Life Breathwork – a mental health solution for “busy professionals”.

SOUL/Life Breathwork offers strategic exercises, essential tools, and a supportive community, empowering you to thrive in the fast-paced world of business.

A Mental Health Solution

By engaging in breathwork practices, individuals can effectively manage stress, anxiety, and burnout, enhancing their overall health and resilience. Through controlled breathing techniques, one can attain mental clarity, heightened focus, and better decision-making abilities, all contributing to increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace.



Strengthens immune system & release toxins (70% of the body’s toxins are released through the lungs).


Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.


Increases energy, clarity, and peace of mind.


Enhances creativity, innovative thinking, and decision making.


Develops better communication and a stronger bond among employees.


Increases memory, focus, and productivity.


Positively impact sleep quality, leading to better rest and more energy when you wake up.


Reduces unexpected days off. (50% of all absenteeism at work relates to mental health challenges)


Decreases burnout. (People who experience burnout are 2.6x more likely to be actively looking for a new job)


However, managing the ever-increasing levels of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm can take its toll on busy professionals.

The BREATH CLUB Community is about connecting with one another and leaning into the deeper emotions we are facing (or sometimes neglecting) to increase our overall mental well-being. The power of this community is being able to share in real time on a daily basis.

Anxiety is the #1 Disability per the World Health Organization (WHO) 


81% of workplaces have increased their focus on employee mental health.


1 in 3 employees still feel that mental health support in their workplace is inadequate and would like more support from their employers.


Mental health issues cost the global economy around $1 trillion every year.

Employers that support mental health see a return of $4 for every dollar invested in mental health treatment.

SOUL/LIFE BALANCE, Self Care for the Soul, working with virtual assistants


Breathwork is a complicated term as it encompasses everything from daily short (and practical) exercises to help relieve stress & anxiety to deep cathartic 60 minute + “Breathwork Journeys” geared towards releasing stored emotions and trauma in the body.

SOUL/Life Breathwork is aimed at providing a variety of Breathwork exercises that you can use on a daily basis to relieve stress, anxiety and overwhelm as well as teach the foundations of activating Breathwork exercises to give you a natural boost of energy, confidence, clarity and help connect you with your creative energy on a deeper level.

The intention behind these lessons, modalities and the SLB community is about reframing one’s relationship with work and life.

… it’s about waking up to the fact that work and life require the archetypal energy of Yang.

… whereas one’s own mental, physical, and emotional well-being is tied to the archetypal energy of Yin. Said another way, Yin = Soul.

SLB is about putting yourself first and foremost to feed your Soul.

In SOUL/Life Breathwork, we provide the lessons on how to practice SOUL/Life Balance on a daily basis. There’s no end destination. This is a practice of coming back to where you’re at, owning where you’re at and tapping into the modalities and practices provided in this community to regulate your nervous system and reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs into empowering limitless beliefs.


This community is specifically designed for the “busy” professional that feels like they are drowning in tasks and responsibilities in their “work life” so much so it’s affecting their mood, emotions, mind and relationships inside and outside of the office.

“Despite nearly 60% of U.S. employees encountering mental health symptoms, a staggering 8 in 10 workers refrained from seeking help due to fear and shame.”



Weekly 90 Minute Zoom Connection Calls: Mindfulness Lesson, Breathwork, Community Sharing, Challenge ($2,000 value)

Online Community through WhatsApp for Daily Chatter & Support (Priceless)
Meditation & Breathwork Pre-Recorded Exercises ($500 value)
Occasional Bonus Calls with Guest Speakers (priceless)
Access to Spirituality Simplified Online Course ($3,333 value)
Access to Scaling with Virtual Assistants Online Course ($3,000 value)



Weekly Zoom Connection Calls

This is a chance to connect and learn mindfulness teachings for the “busy” professional and experience breathwork in real time. Each community call will also include a chance to share and hold space with others navigating their own SOUL/Life Balance practices.

Online Community

Working with therapists is incredibly important, yet where the barrier is to offer support is in real-time. One of the top advantages of joining the SOUL/Life Breathwork Community is the opportunity to share and ask for support in real time through the use of our WhatsApp container. It’s a community that is here to lift each other up and by using WhatsApp, it’s like joining a text thread with your best friends.

Meditation & Breathwork Pre-Recorded Exercises

Throughout Sam’s time teaching and facilitating healing through breathwork, yoga and other similar modalities; he’s built out a collection of pre-recorded breathwork exercises and meditations. You’ll have access to all of these for easy convenience when you need them most!

Bonus Calls + Guest Speakers

From time to time, Sam will offer bonus calls with specific unique topics not otherwise covered in the programming. In addition to this, Sam has interviewed over 500 people through his multiple podcasts in the past 6 years which include experts in mindfulness, spirituality, personal development and business. All of these calls will be recorded and uploaded to your Google Drive folder with all the other past calls.

Access to Spirituality Simplified Online Course

This online course was built for those new(er) on the spiritual path to provide lessons, resources, and guidance to ground spirituality in daily life. Too much structure and we are disconnected from our intuition. Too much flow and we’ll never be able to be productive. Structured Flow is the path to crushing your goals without the burnout!

Access to Scaling with Virtual Assistants Online Course

As the author of “Working With Virtual Assistants”, Podcast Host of ‘Clone Yourself University” and Founder of “Wizard Teams” (a freelancer based marketing agency), Sam is the perfect person to guide you through how to build a business with freelancers (virtual assistants) so that you can focus on what matters most, outsource the rest and ultimately spending your life living rather than working.

Total Value: $8,833

Your Price: $55/Month



Mindfulness for “Busy” Professionals


Mental Health in the Workplace


Mindful Leadership & Communication


Maintaining SOUL/Life Balance


Breathwork Exercises


Nervous System Regulation


Reprogramming Subconscious Limiting Beliefs into Empowering LIMITLESS Beliefs

The Untold Battle Between Mental Anguish & Workaholism


  • Productivity skyrockets when you’re feeling clear, refreshed and energized
  • Health care costs reduce when you prioritize your health
  • Employee retention and less sick days improve the culture of your organization while increasing productivity
  • By learning to regulate your nervous system, you’re able to resist poor impulse decisions by making wise decisions from your prefrontal cortex in the brain

“The average annual health care cost for a person with major depression is $10,836”.

“Nearly 1 in 5 US adults have been diagnosed with depression“



Serial Entrepreneur: Million Dollar Company while working less than 4 hours a day.


Keynote Speaker


2X Best selling Author.


Yoga Instructor (200 hour certified through Yoga Alliance)


Breathwork Facilitator (certified through Somatic Breathwork)


Spiritual Integration Coach


Promotional Products 2020 Rising Star.

Silicon Valley 2019 40 under 40 recipient.

Host of Spirituality Simplified on YouTube.

Host of the Soul Seekr Podcast.

Sam Kabert is a seasoned serial entrepreneur renowned for his remarkable ability to assemble high-performing teams that turn visionary concepts into thriving realities. 

Beneath the veneer of success, Sam discovered a profound void. Despite his achievements, a sense of unhappiness lingered. Breathwork quite literally saved and changed the trajectory of Sam’s life. This awakening served as the catalyst for his profound quest to uncover his life’s true purpose.

What sets Sam apart is his dedication to bridging the divide between business conduct, mindful practices, and self-communication. His approach centers on prioritizing psychological safety and mental health as the cornerstones of personal and professional excellence.


You may be asking yourself why we’re including so much? Well, the answer is simple …

All of these tools are specifically designed to help you to maintain SOUL/Life Balance and Sam’s mission is to provide the tools to bridge the gap between mindfulness and workplace culture. And we do this by helping busy professionals build practical mindful techniques into everyday life so they can live a less stressful and more fulfilling life.


Individual Pricing


Small Groups

2 – 50 = 9% off per member


Medium Group

50 – 200 = 27% off per member


Large Groups

200 – 500 = 45% off per member


Organizations with 500 or more, please email  for a custom quote.


SOUL/Life Balance was one of the most important early foundations on my spiritual awakening journey. I will be forever grateful for the relatable insight and guidance Sam generously shares in this work. It has truly been a bright lamp along my path.

Jill Schindler
Corporate Executive turned Spiritual Seeker

SOUL/Life Balance helped me navigate a difficult transition in my life. Since reading Sam’s book, I have softened into this new role and feel more balanced with how I share my energy. Thank you, Sam.

Christina Garza
Clinical Hypnotherapist

It feels like a spiritual bootcamp, like learning 7 languages at once. My head is spinning, and the conversations are truly worth revisiting over and over.


Sam is very confident, articulate, enthusiastic, and motivating! His presence is always great – very focused and positive with a lot of clarity! I was seen and heard, everyone opened up, and it was a deep and satisfying experience.

Adam D.

I never felt alone but was given space and enough time to process for myself without interruption. I felt loved and accepted.

Brandon R.

Even though we’re only on week 4, I’ve noticed a huge difference in how my body holds stress. The techniques we’re learning here have allowed me greater trust and faith in the process.



How does it work?

Once you join, you will receive access to the complimentary online courses, calendar invites for weekly calls and a link to join the WhatsApp community.

What if I can’t make the calls?

You don’t need to make the live zoom calls. All calls will be recorded and uploaded to your Google Drive folder with past calls within 48 hours.

Do I need breathwork experience to join?

Absolutely not! We are here to teach you the foundations of how the nervous system works and to regulate it through practical everyday breathwork exercises.

What are the terms of my subscription?

Once purchased, you’re opting into a recurring monthly subscription. After the first 3 months, you are able to cancel anytime upon request.

What is the difference between parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system?

Parasympathetic represents rest + digest, whereas sympathetic refers to fight or flight. Unfortunately, many of us are living the majority of our lives in fight or flight. These breathwork exercises are designed to quickly and efficiently regulate the nervous system into rest + digest.


Utilizing the breathwork exercises along with the other lessons and tools to maintain SOUL/Life Balance is perfect for salespeople to prime their nervous system to close more deals.


The 90 Second Rule

Breathwork Basics

Nervous System Regulation

Simplifying Breathwork

Nervous System Explained

Diaphragmatic Breathing


No worries! Take your time, as you consider if you’d like to join this community, we invite you to check out this completely FREE 5 Day Challenge to SHATTER Limiting Beliefs!

Breathwork Journeys

If you’re ready to go deep yourself or with your team, this is the path for you! This is a deep and cathartic journey to address trauma that’s been stored in the body for years. This route is not for the faint of heart, it’s called breathwork because it is work. You’ll be guided in a safe and nurturing environment to express an array of emotions of grief, sadness, anger, joy and really whatever it is your body is craving.

With this Journey, You’ll experience:

Emotional Release: Trauma release breathwork provides a safe space for individuals to express and release pent-up emotions, allowing them to process and let go of suppressed feelings such as grief, anger, and fear.
Healing from Past Trauma: The breathwork journey can help individuals address and heal from past traumas that may have been stored in the body for years, leading to a sense of relief and freedom from the emotional burden.
Increased Self-Awareness: Breathwork journeys can lead to heightened self-awareness and introspection, allowing individuals to gain deeper insights into themselves and their behavioral patterns.
Positive Shift in Perspective: Trauma release breathwork journeys can lead to a shift in perspective, allowing individuals to view challenges and life experiences from a new, more empowered lens.