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The awakening unfolding started with a plant medicine called Ayahuasca. At the time I was deeply depressed … despite being recently named to Silicon Valley’s 40 Under 40 list and building my business to a million dollars in revenue while working less than a few hours a day. 

I thought I had it all. Or at least I had what I had been building towards for my entire career. At the time, back in 2019, I was 31 years old and I had been operating my business for 8 years. I had reached the peak of what I was steadfastly climbing. 

It wasn’t until working with plant and earth medicines that it became so clear to me why I was so unfulfilled despite achieving my dreams. 

On a subconscious level, I was saying to myself “when I achieve ABC, I will feel XYZ”. 

I was subconsciously focused on the end destination while being disconnected from the process itself. 

I was dissociated from the presence of my thoughts and feelings. On a subconscious level I had been telling myself when I get to the peak of the mountain and build my dream lifestyle then I’ll be happy. Yet that just wasn’t the case. 

You can watch my TEDx talk on SOUL/Life Balance to hear the full story. 


What I focus on now is something I learned within my Yoga Teacher Training and that is the yogic philosophy of Sadhana. 

Sadhana teaches to prioritize your daily spiritual practices to help you be in the journey of itself. We can think about it as an emphasis of being rather than doing when approaching daily routines. 

Furthermore, one of our instructors, Dakota Shae, said “to name your ultimate potential is to limit your ultimate potential. This statement blew my mind … I had (subconsciously) named my ultimate potential and thus limited myself. Maybe you can relate to this … was there a time in your life you put everything you had into achieving ONE THING… then when you achieved it, it was almost like a feeling of “I thought I’d feel different”…

Through my years of working with plant and earth medicines, devouring spiritual books and documentaries, becoming a certified yoga instructor and subsequently getting certified in somatic Breathwork and facilitating healing sessions … I’ve put together a structure towards integrating and grounding spirituality into daily life and I call this approach “STRUCTURED FLOW”.


My 4th book was released in 2022 and the title is SOUL/Life Balance: A Guide to Igniting & Integrating Spiritual Awakenings”. My approach in my life – rather in my day to day and moment to moment awareness is the duality of the Yin and Yang or the archetypal energies of the feminine and masculine. “SOUL” represents the yin whereas “Life” represents the yang energy. We need both to be grounded in the human experience while connecting with our inner world and something beyond this existence in order to live a deeply rich and fulfilling life. 

Structured Flow is no different. You may have a background with lots of discipline yet little connection to spontaneity. We need both and finding structure within the flow is the answer. Or perhaps a deeper connection to your intuition while still handling your day to day responsibilities and obligations. 


Structured Flow teaches you 12 fundamental lessons from the nature of reality, energetic hygiene, the psychotherapy practice of Internal Family Systems (IFS of parts work), regulating the nervous system through Breathwork, reprogramming the subconscious mind to creating a road map to take action to integrate all of this into your life.


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Sam spent the early part of his career chasing success and in the process was named to Silicon Valley’s 40 under 40 list at just 31 years old.

Despite building a million dollar business as an Entrepreneur, Sam realized that he was unfulfilled and was lacking a deeper purpose to his life.