Named to Silicon Valley’s 40 Under 40 List at 31 Years Old

Serial Entrepreneur turned Spiritual Seekr

Chasing Success as an Entrepreneur & Content Creator while working less than 4 hours a day while managing a million dollar business led Sam to his spiritual awakening. Sam spent 2019 through early 2022 exploring the deeper meaning of life.
SOUL/LIFE BALANCE, Self Care for the Soul, working with virtual assistants

Meet Sam

Sam Kabert is a seasoned serial entrepreneur renowned for his remarkable ability to assemble high-performing teams that turn visionary concepts into thriving realities. With accolades like being named one of Silicon Valley’s “40 Under 40” at the age of just 31 and earning recognition as a “Rising Star” in the promotional products industry, Sam’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

However, beneath the veneer of success, Sam discovered a profound void. Despite his achievements, a sense of unhappiness lingered. This awakening served as the catalyst for his profound quest to uncover his life’s true purpose.

As the accomplished Author of the #1 Bestselling book, “SOUL/Life Balance,” Sam now leads a mission to inspire and empower individuals. His focus is on providing accessible, everyday techniques that enhance mental well-being. Through transformative practices such as breathwork and the reprogramming of subconscious limiting beliefs, Sam is committed to helping people unlock their untapped potential and lead deeply fulfilling lives.

What sets Sam apart is his dedication to bridging the divide between business conduct, mindful practices, and self-communication. His approach centers on prioritizing psychological safety and mental health as the cornerstones of personal and professional excellence. Event planners, take note – Sam Kabert is the speaker who will ignite your conference with inspiration and transformation.

The Untold Battle Between Mental Anguish & Workaholism

Entrepreneur Turned Seeker

Sam Kabert is a successful Serial Entrepreneur turned Spiritual Seeker. He is known for his ability to put together virtual teams to execute the vision as efficient as possible so that all involved can spend more time adventuring and experiencing the beauty the world has to offer outside of traditional work.


Being successful in the business world with such accolades like being recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s “40 Under 40″ at just 31 years old has allowed him to explore the deepest meanings behind the human experience.

Sam has built multiple businesses, is a 4x Author including the #1 Bestselling book 𝙎𝙊𝙐𝙇 / 𝙇𝙞𝙛𝙚 𝘽𝙖𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙚 and is the Host of the Soul Seekr podcast.

Even with all of Sam’s ventures and business successes, he soon recognized that something was missing…

Spiritual Journey

Sam realized that despite his success, he was unhappy. This realization sent him on his most recent exploration of his life’s purpose.

He soon found himself sitting with the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca. This experience opened his eyes and helped him to understand that he had gotten caught up in achieving what society had taught him was valuable instead of knowing within himself what is most important for his life.

Sam’s journey of self-discovery has opened the spiritual door and has invigorated a new passion and purpose in his life.

Self Care for the Soul


He is on a mission to help spread awareness around positive practices to tackle depression, sitting with discomfort and exploring your shadow for healing, as well as sharing standard tactics to practice SOUL / Life Balance.

If you ask Sam what he is most passionate about, he would say unraveling the spiritual plane to understand there’s a Higher force at play guiding us in each moment … and by bridging the gap between the “unseen world” and the human experience one will be granted the freedom to live a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

The Untold Battle Between Mental Anguish & Workaholism

How Can I Help?

As a Certified Yoga & Breathwork Facilitator, Men’s Group Guide, and Keynote Speaker, Sam is an Expert at providing practical tools to relieve stress, anxiety and fear through the practice of what he refers to as SOUL / Life Balance.

For booking &Inquiries, please e-mail

To learn more about Sam’s book, SOUL/Life Balance, visit

To learn more about Sam’s various Entrepreneurial endeavors, visit


  • You Care About Mental Health.

  • You Want to Make Massive Shifts in the Way You View Work, Life & Spirituality.

  • You Are Looking for Practical Ways to Communicate More Effectively With Others.

  • You Want to Learn Mindfulness Tactics that Can Be Applied in And Outside of the Office.



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#1 Bestselling Author

SOUL/Life Balance

In SOUL/Life Balance, Sam documents his spiritual awakenings and shares a wealth of accumulated wisdom that has left him feeling more fulfilled, joyful, and at peace. This book is an invitation to you, the reader, to undertake similar spiritual awakening experiences, while looking at how to integrate those into your life and working with what it is your soul desires.


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If you’re looking for answers, then this podcast will let you down. If you’re seeking to question everything you’ve ever been led to believe, then WELCOME to the tribe. Think of Soul Seekr as our playground to question existence while releasing expectations for answers. In this podcast, together we will explore spirituality, mindfulness, plant medicine and other ways in an effort to raise our collective consciousness. I call this dance “SOUL / Life Balance”. Thank you for being here.


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