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Invoking change begins with practicing and in these workshops, Sam will be leading you through exercises that will teach you how to regulate your nervous system, repattern limiting beliefs and connect with others on a more human to human level. Make no mistake, these workshops are designed to go beyond education as you will be engaging in practicing a variety of modalities.


Cultivating Presence is the Secret to Overcoming Stress

The flow is education, practice to ensure the techniques are understood and finally executing the exercises to feel the transformative effects of breathwork, visualization, non-violent communication, and the art of holding space to facilitate a safe work environment.

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of employees feel mental health support in their workplace is inadequate and would like more support from their employers.

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of workplaces have increased their focus on employee mental health.

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How Much Time Do We Have to Get to Work?

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How Much Time Do We Have to Get to Work?

Workshops can be in as little as 2 hours and stretched out to as long as 2 days. The first step in working together is to get clear on how much time we have. If we have a time constraint and you want to do a workshop, please know the minimum amount of time we need is 2 hours. That said, the sweet spot is usually around 4-5 hours and if you really want to roll up your sleeves and GO DEEP then 2 days is ideal!

So…How Much Time Do We Have to Get to Work?


The Keynote Presentation

This is the foundation of our time together, everything that will be experienced later on will be built upon the structure of the keynote presentation.

LENGTH: 30 – 60 Minutes

Key Themes in the Keynote:

  • The Differences of Rest & Digest vs. Fight or Flight
  •  The Inner World of Emotions & Mental Fortitude
  •  Integrating Mental Health in the Workplace
  •  The Foundations of Breathwork
  •  Nervous System Regulation Through the 6-Step B.R.E.A.T.H. Process
  •  Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs
  •  Conscious & Empathetic Communication
  •  Compassionate Leadership Truths / Myths & Tools

The Basics of Breathwork Explored

In this experience, you’ll be guided through a series of breathwork exercises and in between each one every attendee will have the opportunity to ask questions and practice to ensure the proper technique is being utilized. It may sound silly at first because it’s breathing, but in fact as you may (or may not) know; most people are breathing incorrectly which contributes to a state of panic and fight or flight.

LENGTH: 20 – 40 Minutes

Things to Know:

  • The Differences of Rest & Digest vs. Fight or Flight
  •  When and Why to Activate Fight or Flight vs Rest & Digest
  •  Every Exercise You Learn Will Have Building Blocks to Ensure Proper Techniques
  •  You’ll Learn at a Minimum 3 Different Kinds of Breathwork Exercises to Relieve Stress, Process Emotions and Even Gain More Energy, Clarity & Creativity in the Moment!

Shatter Limiting Beliefs Visualization

This experience utilizes what you will have already learned in the breathwork experience and expands upon it to incorporate visualization and meditation. The aim of this experience is to allow yourself the space to process stuck and stored energies and limiting beliefs to create the space to allow for new beliefs! This is one of the most popular and transformative experiences.

LENGTH: 20 – 30 Minutes

What to Know:

  • Anyone Can Do This and it’s Generally Considered an Access Point to Deeper Healing
  •  While the Experience Itself Can Be Very Transformational, What’s More Important is the Integration…
  •  You’ll Be Given Specific Steps to Take What You’ve Learned in This Experience and Apply it to Your Daily Life for Effective Habit Change.

Journaling & Reflecting

This experience is almost a non-negotiable to do one of our workshops and the reason is because it’s important to have time for yourself. Many people that work with Sam consider themselves a “busy professional” and have a hard time finding space to practice self care. This is one of the few times that you’ll be learning specific healing tools and practicing exercises to allow yourself to feel what’s going on within you so it’s for that reason it’s imperative we make space for some alone time.

LENGTH: 10 – 20 Minutes


Should We Provide Journals?

Too often we don’t actually know how we think and feel, we think we do but we don’t. The truth is that we have only 5% awareness of how we think and feel at any moment as our subconscious mind makes up 95% of our total awareness. Journaling is one of the most effective ways to to “bring the subconscious to conscious awareness”

What if Someone Doesn’t Want to Journal?

As for all of these experiences, we ask that your attendees come with a positive can-do attitude. That said, Sam will address some resistance to journaling as it’s often the case that some people have trouble with journaling. Trust that these concerns will be put at ease as Sam will provide simple tools to help unleash creative writing.

Why is Journaling Important?

Too often we don’t actually know how we think and feel, we think we do but we don’t. The truth is that we have only 5% awareness of how we think and feel at any moment as our subconscious mind makes up 95% of our total awareness. Journaling is one of the most effective ways to to “bring the subconscious to conscious awareness”.

Active Listening & Say Backs

The path to Conscious, Compassionate and Human-Centered Leadership is through learning to effectively communicate with others. In this experience, you’ll be guided through how to run a meeting by starting out with a W.I.F.L.E. prompt with all attendees.

Next, you’ll learn about active listening and say backs, then finally partner up to practice active listening and say backs. In the active listening exercise, each partner will ask a specific question (themed to your event) to their partner.

The receiving partner will answer the question. You get the idea, we don’t want to spoil it, so if you want more information on this ask Sam, otherwise trust that we know what we’re doing and this exercise works!

LENGTH: 20 – 60 Minutes

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the Secret Technique to Clearing the Mind of Thinking About What You’re Going to Say Next
  •  How to Hold Space for Others
  •  A Simple Tool to Seek to Understand

The Breathwork Journey

This is the grand finale if you will! If you’re ready to GO DEEP with your team and want to pack in the most transformative and memorable experience, then you’ll surely want to add a breathwork journey into your custom workshop.

This is a deep and cathartic journey to address trauma that’s been stored in the body for years. This route is not for the faint of heart, it’s called breathwork because it is work. You’ll be guided in a safe and nurturing environment to express an array of emotions of grief, sadness, anger, joy and really whatever it is your body is craving.

LENGTH: 1 Hour – 4 Hours

Why You’d Do This:

  • EMOTIONAL RELEASE: Trauma Release Breathwork Provides a Safe Space for Individuals to Express + Release Pent-Up Emotions, Allowing Them to Process & Let Go of Suppressed Feelings Such as Grief, Anger, And Fear.
  •  INCREASED SELF-AWARENESS: Breathwork Journeys Can Lead to Heightened Self-Awareness & Introspection, Allowing Individuals to Gain Deeper Insights into Themselves & Their Behavioral Patterns.
  •  HEALING FROM PAST TRAUMA: The Breathwork Journey Can Help Individuals Address And Heal From Past Traumas That May Have Been Stored in the Body for Years, Leading to a Sense of Relief & Freedom From the Emotional Burden.
  •  POSITIVE SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE: Trauma Release Breathwork Journeys Can Lead to a Shift in Perspective, Allowing Individuals to View Challenges & Life Experiences From a New, More Empowered Lens.

Closing Sharing Circle & Integration Chat

This is the last non-negotiable in one of our mental health workshops and the reason is this is arguably the most important part. Sam is known as an Integration Guide, yes his titles include Speaker, Breathwork Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, Author etc etc … However, at the end of the day, what matters more than anything else is taking action. 

To integrate is to take what you’ve learned and apply it in your life. In this experience, Sam will lead a motivational chat to inspire attendees to take at least 2 things that they’ve learned from their time in the workshop and apply it into their daily life. Additionally, we will have one final wrap-up in community to be seen, heard and witnessed in our time together to better our workplace culture, our clients, friends and family and most of all … to honor and take care of our own needs.

LENGTH: 20 Mins – 1 Hour

Key Elements:

  • Practical Tips for Accountability to Invoke Habit & Behavior Change
  •  Final Opportunity to Ask Questions and to Connect as a Team
  •  Leaving on a High Note Feeling Refreshed & Inspired
  •  Opportunity to Share Key Takeaways & Insights With the Group

Let’s Partner Together to encourage the rise of COMPASSIONATE Leadership and eradicate the glorification of Hustle Culture

Choose Your Own Adventure!

This is your journey and Sam is here as your Guide … which of these experiences sound best to you? Jot down some notes with your preferred experiences, the amount of time you have, and any other questions then schedule a call with Sam to discuss how we can turn this vision into a reality!

Thank you so much for taking the time to enlighten my team at the Yuba County One Stop on the many ways we can find inner peace through meditation, breathwork, and yoga. The staff enjoyed the breathwork activities you did, and many felt the relaxation techniques took them to another place and provided a sense of peace within.

During the rest of our two-day retreat, there were many conversations about how the staff connected with you and felt encouraged to seek your services on another level. I hope you enjoyed our small staff as much as we enjoyed you and the tools, techniques, and breathwork activities you taught us.

We look forward to the next time we meet to further our spiritual journey.

Caron job

Executive Director


Sample Breathwork Journey

Sample Limitless Belief Visualization

Breathwork Basics


Jill Schindler

Learning the 6-Step B.R.E.A.T.H. Process and 90 Second Rule have been transformational. By integrating these practices into my daily life my relationships, self-esteem, overall health and well-being have been measurably improved . These simple yet incredibly effective practices have changed the way I process and respond to the emotional ups and downs of life, giving me peace in the most unlikely circumstances. Thank you, Sam.

Corporate Executive turned Spiritual Seeker –  Wisconsin

Amy Williams, CEO

In a world where the relentless pursuit of Work/Life Balance often leads us astray, Sam Kabert’s ‘Overcome The Overwhelm’ serves as a lighthouse, guiding us towards the transformative 6-Step B.R.E.A.T.H. process that will help navigate the corporate storms of anxiety and stress, but also learning the invaluable lesson of embracing and transforming emotions, rather than avoiding them. Imagine a world where we allow ourselves the space to feel, process, and accept our emotions—this book is a crucial step towards that paradigm shift, offering a path to inner peace and a mental well-being that is both profound and essential.

AB Unlimited Worldwide 

Tony Ferrara

The meticulous B.R.E.A.T.H. Process Sam lays out is essential to allow yourself to be a present, empathetic, and heart-led leader at the workplace and at home. It’s allowed me to be at my best by empowering me to tap into and regulate my inner landscape. As a result, my work and the relationships I hold my most dear are thriving due to the tools and knowledge Sam drops in this game-changing book.

Former College Athlete turned Corporate Executive & SeekerFormer