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Check out how Sam bridges the gap between mindfulness & spirituality with life and work.


Hear first-hand audience member testimonials and what they have to say after watching Sam speak.


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I’ve never had someone break down SOUL/Life Balance and provide real tools to use in your day to day life.

– Cass, Startup Executive

Sam has opened up a whole new world to me

– Sue, Serial Entrepreneur

I do a lot of things on behalf of other people and after watching Sam speak I’m inspired to go within and work on my own spiritual, mental and emotional well-being!

– Tony, Director of Sales at Startup

Sam Kabert did not disappoint! As a Workaholic and someone who has a hard time with Work/Life Balance … SOUL/Life Balance became an aha moment for something to build into my life! 

– Kat, Entrepreneur

I found Sam’s talk important because the language he uses makes it easy to connect with the ideas of what he was saying and a clear path to attain SOUL/Life Balance

– Courtney, Entrepreneur