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Featured Reviews

This was the first time in the history of the show that the room was sold out for tickets!  Sam delivered a powerful presentation that kept the audience engaged and focused.  His message resonated with our audience as the feedback we heard immediately after the program was abundant with positive comments. He was professional and very easy to work with in creating the program and in every aspect of bringing this presentation to life.  Sam will always be on the list as a speaker we would like to have return.

Sue Selseth

Executive Director, UMAPP –  Minnesota

Sam was a natural with our Freshman students. He took the time to learn their names as they engaged with him and shared his own personal experiences. I believe connections were made in the workshop. Sam was able to provide tangible and mental tools for the students. These tools can be carried with them on their own personal journey. If you are looking for a speaker who will connect with your student body along with educating them on mindful leadership, Sam is the speaker for you.

Toni-Cynthia Jasmine Reeves,

The University of Alabama at Birmingham – Alabama

SOUL/Life Balance was one of the most important early foundations on my spiritual awakening journey. I will be forever grateful for the relatable insight and guidance Sam generously shares in this work. It has truly been a bright lamp along my path.

Jill Schindler

Corporate Executive turned Spiritual Seeker –  Wisconsin

SOUL/LIFE Balance is a must practice for those on their spiritual path. Sam Kabert makes navigation of “The Work” as seamless and forward as possible. We don’t need to regiment our days out with tasks we think we need to do. We need to regiment our days out to what feels best for us, wherever we are at in our lives.

Taylor Allen

Photographer and Spiritual Seeker – Nashville

I’ve never had someone break down SOUL/Life Balance and provide real tools to use in your day to day life.


Startup Executive – Carlifonia

Sam has opened up a whole new world to me!


Serial Entrepreneur – Carlifonia

Sam Kabert did not disappoint! As a Workaholic and someone who has a hard time with Work/Life Balance … SOUL/Life Balance became an aha moment for something to build into my life! 


Entrepreneur – Carlifonia

I found Sam’s talk important because the language he uses makes it easy to connect with the ideas of what he was saying and a clear path to attain SOUL/Life Balance.


Entrepreneur – Carlifonia

SOUL/Life Balance helped me navigate a difficult transition in my life. Since reading Sam’s book, I have softened into this new role and feel more balanced with how I share my energy. Thank you, Sam.

Christina Garza

Clinical Hypnotherapist – Carlifonia

I do a lot of things on behalf of other people and after watching Sam speak I’m inspired to go within and work on my own spiritual, mental and emotional well-being!


Director of Sales at Startup – Alabama