The thing about most mindfulness practices is that they help you in the moment yet they don’t necessarily aid your well-being throughout the day. Stay with me here because I am not bashing typical mental health practices such as meditation, journaling, yoga, breathwork etc. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. My practice of yoga, meditation, and journaling was paramount in improving my well-being. That said, there was something missing …

It took me years to cultivate moment to moment awareness and afterall, presence really is what so many of us are seeking. We are desiring to feel better in each and every moment. Too often, we have stellar morning routines that leave us feeling excited and clear headed yet the pressures and stressors of the day throw us off and we move into stress and anxiety.

Enter The 6-Step B.R.E.A.T.H. Process

In my latest book (“Overcome The Overwhelm”), I introduced a concept known as the 6-Step B.R.E.A.T.H. Process which has been specifically crafted to aid with moment to moment awareness.

I used to practice transcendental meditation so I’m very familiar with that specific modality, I also teach yoga and facilitate breathwork. While all of these practices and similar healing modalities like hot/cold therapy, journaling, etc etc are great habits and routines to improve our connection to our inner world they don’t necessarily build moment to moment awareness.

I’ve talked with so many people that have the perfect mindful or even spiritual routine and they feel great … then the fires of their work day get them back in stress mode. My question to you and all of us, is what’s the point of putting so much time and effort into T.M. and/or other mindful practices if we’re just going to experience stress and it only works when we’re doing it?

The 6-Step B.R.E.A.T.H. Process is the most efficient practice to catch stress, anxiety and really any emotion in real time and transform it within minutes

And it’s not about adding more to your day. It’s about building moment to moment awareness and allowing the energies to move through you.

Here’s How it Works

Our body has a 90 second physiological response when we experience an emotion and know that emotions are energy in motion.

So, what most of us will do is resist the emotion because we don’t have time for it and/or we just don’t want to feel it. When these fires occur during our work day, we distract and numb ourselves from feeling them. And in so doing, we actually are not processing the emotions (energy) and they are getting stuck within the body and we end up feeling more stressed as a result.

The 6-Step B.R.E.A.T.H. Process is about understanding this and allowing yourself to feel the emotions so that the energies can move through you.

It’s as simple as noticing you’re feeling something you don’t want to necessarily feel, then slowing down by connecting to your breath, relaxing into the feelings and as you process them only then do we move into thinking intentionally.

In my new book, “Overcome The Overwhelm”, I’m walking you through each of these 6 steps in detail and the science that backs this up. If you want to learn more about this process, check out the link here that speaks to this in greater detail.

Just Breathe.

Know that finding presence doesn’t have to be so difficult, it’s as simple as Breathe, Feel, & Thinking Intentionally.

I’d love to hear how this lands for you. If you’d like to chat more on a zoom call or email, please let me know. Additionally, if you’re interested in sharing this with your colleagues and or bringing me in to speak at an event, you may want to check out the link here.

Just Breathe,

About the Author

Sam Kabert is a certified yoga instructor, breathwork facilitator, podcaster, and public speaker. His book, “SOUL/Life Balance,” is a No. 1 bestseller. Learn more about his work at  

At 31 years old, Sam made Silicon Valley’s 40 under 40 list recognizing his serial entrepreneur drive and million dollar business. Externally, Sam appeared successful. Internally, he was falling apart. 

In 2019, a ruptured relationship revealed feelings of overwhelm that had been numbed by decades of indulgence in food, alcohol, and business achievements. Ego aside, he embraced a path of self-discovery, spirituality, and soul purpose. An intentional journey that’s culminated in a proven, minutes-long, 6 Step B.R.E.A.T.H. Process that now helps “busy professionals” access inner peace and “Overcome The Overwhelm,” the title of his 6th book.

Passionate about bridging the gap between workplace culture and mental health, Sam’s mission is to teach accessible tools that overcome overwhelm. His ultimate goal is to help eradicate the glorification of Hustle Culture, while encouraging an expansion of Compassionate Leadership.