Expecting massive transformation to occur overnight is like expecting to actually win the lottery. 

The path to massive transformation is the by-product of creating consistent daily shifts in your being. 

These shifts are often easy to overlook, but they are also absolutely essential to maintaining your motivation and keeping yourself moving towards the big changes that you seek.

I’ve been on the path of intentionally going within (what I refer to as “Soul Development”) for 3 years now and only in recent months have I felt more fulfilled than ever before in my life! 

Yes, in February of this year; I wrote my 4th book (SOUL/Life Balance) which became an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author. That experience was a high point for sure, but what followed was another round of depressive type symptoms. I once again went within to discover what it was that left me feeling lost and aimless despite my recent success(es). What did I find?

Creative expression is key for my growth and that writing specifically is something I need to implement into my being on a weekly basis. I’ve been blogging weekly now ever since that realization and my moods have been more consistent as a result.

Not just that, but as I look back; I reflect on how I answered the call to attend a Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica last November without any intention of teaching yoga. In truth, I didn’t know why I was going other than my intuition had led me there. What did I do when I came back home? I started teaching yoga right away and leading Men’s Groups.

I wouldn’t have been able to write a book about Soul Development nor become a Yoga Teacher if I hadn’t practiced the daily shifts consistently for the two previous years. That focus and determination to look within and stay on the path was what led to this massive transformation in 2022. It was those daily shifts that taught me how to use discernment when trusting my intuition. 

This blog lays out my 5 step approach on how you can take action to live up to your Ultimate Potential!

Massive Transformation through Small Daily Shifts

Awareness is key to growth in any area of your life and if you’re on a path of soul development; well then, awareness is even more crucial. How can you slow down on a daily basis to check-in with yourself?

Ask yourself throughout the day, “Do I enjoy what I’m doing in this moment?”, “Is ‘XYZ’ serving me?”, “What am I seeking?”, “How can I love myself more?”.

These are just a few questions to get your creative juices flowing, the main takeaway is to come back to the present moment anytime you find yourself focused on the future or the past and as you do so you will discover what is in alignment and what is not in alignment; so that you can make the necessary shifts.

Step 1: Create Positive Practices

In conscious circles we often hear about the importance of journaling, meditating, breathwork and so on. Typically, when one is new on the path they try to do all the things. This is fine if you want a sampler platter when you’re just getting started. However, it’s not sustainable (for most people) to start your day with a 20 minute meditation flowing into a 60 minute breathwork journey, followed by a 20 minute journaling session about your experience, and concluding your routine with a yoga flow to move the energy and get on with your day. Trust me, that routine sounds epic and lovely. I’ve done it, like twice. It’s not sustainable!

What is sustainable is finding practices that resonate with you and being consistent with those practices. 

For example, I’m not a consistent meditator and by that I mean I don’t often meditate in the traditional sense. I find myself in meditation in odd times, like when in the shower or in between sets when I’m surfing for example. My main consistent practice is and has been yoga. For me, yoga is the perfect blend of movement, breathwork, and meditation.

Your action here is to find ONE practice that works for you and commit to it for 5 days straight. If that one practice isn’t something you can continue to do most days, then find something else. 

Step 2: Learn the Practice

Become a student of the thing that lights you up, brings you energy, and more fulfillment! Study it; literally research it in all the ways. YouTube it, Google it, find podcasts that speak about it – whatever floats your boat and helps you learn best.

If you truly love something, you will not only find the time to learn more about it but you’ll be eager to learn more!

Your action here is to research the practice (modality) that you’ve chosen to be your thing (for the time being – knowing that you can change and add more as you grow).

Step 3: Commit to the Practice

I’m not a drill sergeant – life happens; don’t expect yourself to be perfect all the time. Think of the 80/20 rule and find a practice that you can do most of the time without shaming yourself if you don’t get it done for whatever reason.

Your lesson here is to know the difference between a reason and an excuse and be honest with yourself when you’re using excuses as opposed to reasons to get out of doing the practice you are dedicating yourself to. 

Stay the course, stay committed. 

Step 4: Embody the Practice

Massive transformation happens when we integrate it into our being. Meditating does wonders to relieve stress, anxiety, clear the mind, give us more energy and overall be a better human. Well, if outside of your meditations you find yourself easily triggered and with a short fuse; well then something isn’t working…

It’s not just about when you are practicing the practice of meditation; it’s about how you’re being outside of the practice. Integration is key and it’s time to integrate what you gain from the experience of the practice into your being outside of the practice and into your daily being.

Your action here is to bring more awareness into each moment to ask yourself if you’re just going through the motions or if the practice is actually helping you to become a better version of yourself. If it isn’t, ask yourself why not, get to the bottom of it and make the necessary changes to move forward to embody the practice outside of when you are practicing the practice.

Step 5: Practice Makes Practice

Years ago I heard a yoga instructor say “practice makes practice” and it struck me to my core. Initially I thought to myself “did she mean to say practice makes perfect”. Then I went on a rabbit hole of thought tracing realizing that she intentionally did mean to say “practice makes practice” and it opened my eyes up to a whole new level of possibilities.

I’ve been so focused on goal-setting and chasing success for so long that I never even considered that being in pursuit of the destination is actually the point. As cliche as it is to say, “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” – it’s true! So rather than getting caught up in the chase of perfection, realize that the practice is to be in the practice.

Your invitation here is to slow down and bring more presence into your life through conscious awareness of how you feel during your practice and outside of it.


I won’t sugar coat it, creating a massive transformation is not easy. It is, however, a simple formula and I feel like I’ve cracked the code on this because I’ve done this so many times, always a bit different.

In 2014 I got into triathlons without any prior experience in swimming, cycling or running. Don’t get me wrong, I knew how to swim, but at the start of my training I could barely make it to the other end of the pool. As for cycling I had never liked cycling and it took determination to go on long rides to train for triathlons. I literally never thought I’d be a triathlete, yet I did it – in total I competed and completed 5 Olympic Distance Triathlons. After this accomplishment, I had the confidence to build my million dollar business and ultimately was named to Silicon Valley’s 40 Under 40 List.

Soon thereafter, was when my numbing depression hit that sent me on this inner journey and massive transformation. Previously, I’ve unconsciously achieved what I’ve set out to do using this formula. Now that I have brought the unconscious to conscious awareness and have the formula written out, I’m hopeful that my emotions will be even keel in coming years. But, hey … practice makes practice 😉

To go deeper and for more support on your journey, schedule a time to chat 1:1. AND don’t forget to check out this FREE guide with the 3 Undeniably Simple Tactics to Practice SOUL/Life Balance.

To a More Fulfilling Life,