The Yin & Yang symbol has been used throughout the centuries as an ancient representation of energy within the universe, and how it flows between opposing forces to keep things balanced and in perfect harmony. If you’re interested in learning more about the archetypal energy of Yin and Yang, how it relates to your life, and how you can use this knowledge to affect positive change, read on! 

The Myth of “Work/Life Balance”

First, we must explore the illusion of Work/Life Balance. Work in every sense of the word represents the archetypal energy of Yang. As a refresher the archetypal energy of Yang represents structure, it represents doing/achieving and the way we show up in the world. Whereas Yin represents fluidity, receptivity, flow, intuition and really connecting with our Soul. 

The difficulty is that both work and life require the element of Yang. 

Think about it, most of us spend 5 out of 7 days a week working. And the majority of the waking hours during work days are spent actually working. When we do have free time we have the obligations of life. Whether it be paying bills, taking care of loved ones (including kids, pets, parents etc) or maybe it’s shuffling from appointment to appointment to take care of our health for example. 

The point is we are consumed with Yang energy. Work/Life Balance does not allow for any connection to what our soul is craving for.

I am not saying we should stop doing any and all work. What I am saying is we must find ways to embrace the connection to our Souls (Yin energy).

Yin Represents Feeding Your Soul

I have a question for you; and please … really let this sink in…

How often do you make time to feed your soul?

“Feeding Your Soul” is going to look different for each of us, as we are all unique beings. 

“Feeding Your Soul” does not mean

❌ Meditation

❌ Exploring the Astral

❌ Doing some sort of healing retreat

In fact, it’s so much more ACCESSIBLE …

“Feeding Your Soul” is up for you to define!

It’s not for anyone else to define for you!

Let this be your metaphoric permission slip, to sit back, Reflect and see what’s coming to the surface. This is the art of presence.

Here are some ways to incorporate Yin back into your life:

– Finding stillness and silence within nature

– Re-establishing your relationship with tech: turning off electronics periodically to “disconnect” from distractions

– Something calming like gardening, painting, drawing etc.

– Connecting with music through dance or picking up an instrument

– Writing as a form of expression

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowin’. Please know that you can tap into the use of yin energy when you are feeling drained and exhausted to provide a break from life’s chaos.

The Aftermath of Being Out of Balance

Given the Mental Health Crisis we are facing, it’s become abundantly clear that the root cause … not the symptom, but the root cause of this Mental Health Crisis stems from being disconnected from …

👁 That Voice in Our Head that Guides Us

👁 Being in Tune With Our Inner Landscape

👁 A Connection to Something Outside of this Earthly Realm & Human Experience

In the workplace alone, we are seeing 53% of people reporting they feel more emotionally exhausted and 75% feel more socially isolated since the start of the Pandemic in 2020 (per a study by the Harvard Business Review).

Since the start of the Pandemic...

Per Harvard Business Review


Of employees report feeling more exhausted.


Feel more socially isolated.


Say they feel more emotionally exhausted.

The stats clearly back the importance of Mental Health. The only choice is whether we (you) will do something about it or not … 

A simple solution to make one’s own Mental Health a priority is through the practice of SOUL/Life Balance. By doing so, you are making an agreement with yourself to put yourself first and foremost, always while simultaneously reframing “work” as part of the Yang energy required in living your life

How to Incorporate These Yin & Yang Lessons Into Your Life

The choice to build Yin energy into your life is not an extra to-do to your list, nor is it something we shame ourselves for if we don’t do it as much as we’d like.

In reality, it’s a practice of bringing present awareness to our inner world/landscape moment to moment.

By bringing awareness to the present moment through connecting with what’s rising to the surface within you; you will be guided to not only “feeding your soul” daily but as you continue this practice you’ll be able to understand what it means to “feed your soul” moment to moment.

A Life of Fulfillment is so much more accessible than we’ve been led to believe is possible 👁

If you’d like to go deeper on these concepts, please be sure to check out my book SOUL/Life Balance by clicking here or checking out my recent SOUL SEEKR podcast episode which is all about bringing the Yin & Yang energy into the workplace.

I’ll leave you with this …

SOUL/Life Balance isn’t something to chase nor something to attain. Rather, it’s a way of being and it starts with the mindset shift of reframing Work/Life Balance to SOUL/Life Balance by asking yourself on a daily basis – “How can I feed my Soul in this moment”?

To a More Fulfilled Life,