Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been magnetically drawn to the symbol of the Yin-Yang. I don’t remember why it was that I felt so interconnected with this simple design when I was younger.

Honestly, I don’t know,; and I think that’s kind of the point to be honest …
I don’t have to know why I loved it back then …
I could feel the energy behind it almost like it was a memory of something I once knew long ago … before this lifetime.

In writing my recent book, “Overcome the Overwhelm”, my editor asked me why I love the Yin-Yang and it took me aback to be honest. I’ve worn the shirt you see adorned with this blog post every time I take a stage to deliver a keynote.

I have a tattoo that is an artistic version of the yin yang made of killer whales in a dance giving it the viewer vibes of the symbol of infinity.

AND finally, the logo I used for my book, “SOUL/Life Balance” was something I refer to as the “YinFinityYang” — the blending of the Infinity and the Yin-Yang (pictured below).

All of this to say, in recent years I’ve found that the struggles I’ve had with my own mental health relate to the polarities of Yin and Yang within me being out of balance. Now, that I know about these polarities I refer to them in a different framework through what I call “SOUL/Life Balance”.

The “Soul” in “SOUL/Life Balance” represents the Yin energy and the yin energy represents the darkness within the Yin-Yang. The “Life” in “SOUL/Life Balance” represents the Yang energy and it represents the white within the Yin-Yang symbol.

Let’s unpack this a bit further, shall we?


The darkness, or Yin, is essential for balance and harmony just as much as the white of the Yang. Yet, it is the darkness that typically gets a bad reputation. The dark does not symbolize evil or negativity in this context but rather emphasizes the importance of embracing and integrating all aspects of life. Yin energies bring us the beauty of intuition, receptivity and ultimately being guided to be with the flow of life.

And even so within the darkness, comes a term often used, yet often misunderstood and that is “shadow work” …

Shadow Work is like a russian doll, you just keep revealing layers of your Self. Each new layer may potentially bring new challenges and suppressed thoughts, feelings and memories to the surface. The moment you say, the tears from the layers of “the work” being peeled back are enough and you give up, is also when you’re no longer doing shadow work … but if you’re willing to go deeper and reveal those layers and truly see and feel them …

Well, that’s Shadow Work. By feeling these emotions we’re able to transform them and that is the purpose of shadow work. It is by descending into the depths of the psyche to reveal and let go of the unprocessed emotions that catapults us into the higher vibrations of love, joy and peace.


As for the white in the Yin-Yang, well this is the Yang energy which represents logic, taking action, and the solar energy of the sun whereas Yin relates to lunar energy that of the moon.

We can see the Yang as outward expression, meaning it’s about how we move through the world. Whereas the Yin is about inward expression and how we move through our thoughts and feelings.

When I say I was out of balance, I mean that I was disconnected from my inner world making up my emotional state. I was numb to what was going on within and masked and distracted myself from feeling by focusing on outward expressions as a way of life. This is a loss of balance and here’s why it’s important to bridge the gap between the two…


The harmony between the opposing forces of yin and yang represents the polarities within us all and when we deprive one of these energies is not so coincidentally often correlated to when we are stuck in life.

The swirling motion of the Yin-Yang is seen as a manifestation of the ever-flowing, cyclical nature of life, emphasizing the continual process of growth, transformation, and renewal. Yes, we will experience highs just as much as we experience lows in life and there’s lessons in each.

In the highs, it’s about not getting carried away and letting the ego take control and losing yourself in the material world.

Whereas in the lows, it’s these times that are meant for us as an opportunity to surrender deeper so that we may ascend like the Phoenix from the ashes and be born anew.

It’s the dots within each half of the Yin-Yang that represents the potential for transformation, suggesting that even in the darkest moments, there exists a seed of light. The dot of each opposite color within the halves further underscore the idea that Yin and Yang are not isolated but coexist within each other, highlighting their inseparable connection just as your inner world relates to your outer world.


This symbol is so much more than a cool design, it’s an emblem for spiritual balance, personal growth, and the interconnected unity of all aspects of existence.

Finally, the merging of the Yin-Yang and the Infinity …

I’ve also been drawn to the symbol of infinity for a long time and I now view the symbol as a representation of the never-ending loop of existence with no beginning and no end. I see the highs and lows as a reminder that even in the lowest of lows you are being prepared for a rebirth and ascension into a greater version of yourself. The merging of the Yin-Yang with the infinity is the teaching that further illustrates the point of embracing the qualities (and polarities) of the light and the dark.


Most of us will do anything to numb ourselves so we don’t have to feel. My hand is raised high, if you can’t see it. I spent years … actually, let’s my entire left, up til around 30 years old til I started to embrace my feelings.

Remember, “the darkness” of the Yin, is not inherently “bad”. It’s all about how you view it. I’m not discounting anyones emotional well-being and the facts behind why you may have PTSD (or event CPTSD). It’s the stories we tell ourselves that give things a meaning of “good” or “bad”. Sitting with the darkness so that you can eventually rise from the ashes and be born anew is paradoxically simple because it’s not so simple.

The answer relies in ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance is the 4th stage in the 6-step “B.R.E.A.T.H.” framework in my upcoming book, “Overcome the Overwhelm”.

The steps are as follows:
1) B: BREATHE to Slow Down: It’s within our breath that we can kickstart the process to shift from fight or flight to rest and digest.
2) R: RELAX to Feel: The mind will race if you’re new to the process and still try to convince you to avoid the feelings, relax into the breath to allow yourself to feel.
3) E: ENERGY to Reveal: The energies that are arising when you feel are here to teach you something, be open to letting them reveal the lesson to you.
4) A: Accept to Surrender: It’s in the acceptance that catapults the deeper surrender. First accept what’s being revelead without resistance, next come back to the breath to surrender deeper to the lesson.
5) T: TRANSFORM into Empowering Beliefs: NOW is the time for positive affirmations, only after you’ve done your shadow work. Affirm it is how you want to feel in the present moment and the key is to feel what you’re speaking into existence.
6) H: Habits to Integrate: Thank you Yang energy for bringing us the gift of action and now is the time to take the physical steps in your life to make positive changes.

If you dug this blog and want to learn more about my upcoming book, “Overcome the Overwhelm” drop me a comment below. Happy to share a sneak peak or hear if you’d like to be part of the launch team! TOGETHER, we can shift the way we conduct business through putting in our own inner work and prioritizing our own mental health so that we can rise above hustle culture and create a more compassionate workplace culture.

Just Breathe,