Activating Mindfulness in Workplace Culture

It’s not enough to say you care about your employees mental well-being and just simply offer a stipend towards improving your team member’s mental health. As an organization, we must create a mental health focused culture. In this workshop, you’ll learn communication skills, mindfulness tools, and practices to encourage the culture of your organization to prioritize the mental well-being of one another.

Experiential Activities:

  • NonViolent Communication in Workplace Culture
  • Mindful Practices for a Business Environment
  • Team Building Exercises to Encourage of Kindness & Positivity
  • How to Conduct a W.I.F.L.E. for Mindful Meetings
    Mindful Leadership
    Mindful Leadership


    Becoming a Mindful Leader

    Conscious & Compassionate Leadership are so much more than buzzwords. It’s imperative that we as leaders dedicate time to develop the tools to becoming a mindful leader. Recent research has shown that 86% of employees feel the need to prove they are working hard and deserve to keep their job and 75% of employees feel more socially isolated since the pandemic of 2020. Now is the time as leaders to learn the tools to bridge the gap between mental health and workplace culture. 

    Learning Objectives: 

    • How to Conduct Meetings for Increased Psychological Safety
    • How to Encourage Employees to Express Their Needs
    • How to Embody Being a Heart Centered Leader
    • Tools & Resources to Continually Learn to Become a More Mindful Leader.


      Virtual & In Person Yoga, Breathwork & Meditation

      Yoga is the practice of connecting our breath to movement. In these customizable workshops, Sam will deliver a yoga, breathwork and meditation session unlike anything you’ve experienced before! Sam leads weekly yoga classes in his hometown of Santa Cruz and runs a monthly Men’s circle. This workshop will include any of the following elements: Sharing & Integration Circle, Intention Setting, Movement, Visualization and of course breathwork.

      What to Expect: 

      • Tools to Practice What We Cover on a Daily Basis
      • Increased Mental Well-Being
      • Connectedness to Others in the Workshops
      • A Feeling of “Coming Home

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